Where We Source Our Diamonds

“Blaaubosch Diamond Mine” is located in the famous Kimberley diamond district of South Africa and is one of the few mines left in South Africa still in production. The mine was purchased by the owners of Foxhills in 2014 and produces around 10,000 carats of beautiful white, yellow and coloured diamonds each month.

They are graded, cut and polished in Kimberly and available for sale via the Jewellery store, where you can order jewellery tailor-made to your preferences.

The mine is over 100 years old and was previously owned by the world famous De Beers; a number of the diamonds mined are world famous.

The Venter Diamond

Nearly 15 million diamonds were extracted from the Kimberley Diamond Mines between 1871 and 1914. The Venter Diamond, which was extracted in 1951 from the region, was a yellow stone of 511.25cts and was claimed by J. Venter and his business partner E. du Plessis, according to the De Beers Archives.

The Venter Diamond was a perfect octahedron and was loosely classed as a yellow but it could also be described as being between a yellow and bywaker in colour. Unfortunately for its owner Jacobus Johannes Venter, the diamond had a fairly large spot and a cluster of fine spots slightly towards one of its points so the best way to make use of it was to break it down and polish it into smaller, individual pieces.

Nonetheless, the Venter is believed to have been sold for $38,000, out of which the mine labourer who discovered it received $840. The stone was ultimately cut into twenty individual stones, all pale yellow and is to this day one of the largest diamonds ever discovered.