Brown & Newirth Silhouette Platinum & 0.70ct Emerald Cut Lab Diamond Engagement Ring
Brown & Newirth Silhouette Platinum & 0.70ct Emerald Cut Lab Diamond Engagement Ring
Brown & Newirth Silhouette Platinum & 0.70ct Emerald Cut Lab Diamond Engagement Ring
Brown & Newirth Silhouette Platinum & 0.70ct Emerald Cut Lab Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Brown & Newirth Silhouette Platinum & 0.70ct Emerald Cut Lab Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

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Item Description-

Brand: Brown & Newirth

Materials: Platinum & Diamond (Lab Grown)

Diamond Weight: 0.70ct

Diamond Shape & Cut: Emerald Cut

Diamond Colour: D-F

Clarity: VS

Hand selected lab-grown emerald cut diamond perfectly framed in a rub-over setting on classic narrow band. Carat weight 0.70ct

Brown & Newirth's Created Collection is handcrafted using lab-grown diamonds in D-F colour and VS clarity with excellent cut and polish. Brown & Newirth's lab-grown diamonds are as grown with no post-growth treatments and selected for their intense fire. Their diamonds are provided fully certificated for authentication (over 0.50ct only).

Science has found a way to replicate the natural diamond growing process, so rather than waiting billions of years, real diamonds can be formed in a matter of weeks. Laboratory diamonds are formed from pure carbon. They have the same chemical composition and crystalline structure, the same refractive index and light dispersion. Identical in hardness and density. Differ from a mined diamond only by origin.

If you would like a ring resized contact us with your sizing requirement so we can quote on the cost of doing so.

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Resizing Down is easier to do and less expensive. When a ring is resized down, the jeweller cuts out the extra material from the bottom and solders the ends back together.

Resizing Up there are 2 ways

  1. A little extra piece of material is added at the bottom. This method can resize a ring up to 2 sizes larger. You'll have to pay for the extra material and craftsmanship.
  2. The cheaper option. The band is slightly stretched. But stretching it makes the ring thinner and weakens it. So this can only be done depending on the band. Usually it can only go half a size larger.

Resizing up always costs more because of the extra material cost. So if you're not sure what size is needed, it's best to get a larger ring and resize down if necessary

Inside diameter (mm) Inside circumference (mm) Ring size
14.48 45.5 G
14.88 46.8 H
15.29 48 I
15.49 48.7 J
15.9 50 K
16.31 51.2 L
16.71 52.5 M
17.12 53.8 N
17.53 55.1 O
17.93 56.3 P
18.34 57.6 Q
18.75 58.9 R
19.15 60.2 S
19.56 61.4 T
19.96 62.7 U
20.37 64 V
20.78 65.3 W
21.18 66.6 X
21.59 67.8 Y
21.79 68.5 Z
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