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An Email from the USA

Last week, whilst we were sad to be closing our Thornbury store for lockdown, we were delighted to receive an email from a lady named Fay, in North Carolina, USA. 

She wrote to tell us the story of a ring that she was in possession of, and that had previously belonged to her Grandmother. The ring was purchased from us around 70 years ago, when we were trading under the name Parsons the Jewellers.

She explained that the ring has brought great joy, and is deeply meaningful to her and her family, especially since the recent passing of her Grandmother.

Parsons Ring

This stunning ring features a very dark Sapphire as the main stone, and is still in amazing condition after all of these years.

Fay's Mother, Alison, also wrote to us, and described how she remembered how delighted her Father was to give her Mother the ring, because it took a long time before he could afford it.

The image below is of Fay as a baby being held by her Grandmother, and you can just about see that on her right hand she is wearing the ring.

At Foxhills, nothing delights us more than knowing that our jewellery has brought joy to thousands of people, not just in Bristol, but around the world. 

We are also pleased to have a display cabinet in our Thornbury store, where we have been able to retrieve some amazing items from our 310 year history.

Thanks so much to Fay and Alison for reaching out to us with your amazing story, and if anyone else has their own story of Parsons/Foxhills jewellery, then we'd love to hear it!

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