Do Tiffany & Co Ever Have Sales?

Do Tiffany & Co Ever Have Sales?

Tiffany & Co is one of the most popular and well-known jewellery brands in the world. Their jewellery is iconic and has featured the designs of Elsa Peretti and Paloma Picasso to name a few. Tiffany is undoubtedly incredibly popular, but has there ever been a Tiffany Sale?

Perhaps remarkably, Tiffany & Co has never had a sale in their 183-year history. According to Mark Aaron, their Vice President of Investor Relations, “Tiffany does not conduct price promotional sales on Black Friday or any other day”.

So, for customers looking to buy discounted Tiffany & Co jewellery, where should you be looking?

Pre-Loved Tiffany & Co

At Foxhills, we have one of the largest collections of Pre-Loved Tiffany jewellery in the country. We’re always increasing our stock, and we’re always finding stunning and unique pieces.

Buying pre-loved jewellery allows you to make amazing savings and get much better value for the item. We also offer pieces that have been discontinued, so you can often buy items that are rare as they’re no longer sold by Tiffany & Co directly.

Buying Pre-Loved Tiffany is also a better investment because, in the same way that cars do, new jewellery can depreciate in value. Pre-Loved jewellery retains its value much better so if you ever decide to sell it, you can get a better price.

People are sometimes concerned about buying second-hand jewellery as it might be in poor condition. We always source high quality items, and we clean them up to make sure they look like new. If there are any marks on the item, we always make it clear in the product description. Our Trustpilot score is also proof that we offer a service that our customers love!


In summary, there has never been a Tiffany sale before, and there is unlikely to be one in the future. However, you can still get Tiffany jewellery at amazing discounted prices by buying pre-loved instead of new.

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