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How to Clean Jewellery

Did you know that even the little things that you do every day can reduce the shine of your jewellery? From showering to walking in a city, your jewellery could be getting dirty without you even noticing. Here at Parsons we want our customers to be equipped with the knowledge about cleaning jewellery effectively. Read on to find out our do’s and don’ts of jewellery cleaning.

  1. Do clean your jewellery regularly. We recommend once a week for the optimum shine.
  2. Do use the correct cleaning products for the type of jewellery you are wearing. Different metals need different care, for example a gold jewellery cleaner will not get all the tarnish off a silver piece of jewellery.
  3. Don’t’ use toothpaste to clean your jewellery. It’s a common myth that toothpaste is a great home hack to use whilst cleaning your jewellery, but it can scratch and damage your gold and silver. The chemicals of the flavours are also corrosive to metals.
  4. Do always read the instructions or your jewellery cleaner. Proper use of your product will ensure the best possible results for your jewellery.
  5. Don’t wear your jewellery when in contact with harsh chemicals, by this we mean bleach and many other household cleaning products. This one can be tricky, with your jewellery being part of your everyday dress it can be hard to remember to take it off when doing a spot of cleaning, but even accidental knocks could cause irreversible damage.
  6. Don’t neglect your watches, they need your love too. Worn almost every day, but when was the last time you thought about cleaning your watch?
  7. Do take your cleaning products on the move. Dazzle Stiks, provided by Parsons, are a great solution for this. Easy to put in any bag for an on the move shine up. Simply twist the bottom of the stick and brush onto the jewellery.
  8. Don’t forget that body oils, lotions, hairspray and soaps can all cause your jewellery to look dull and discoloured so, keep on top of your jewellery cleaning. Here at Parsons we provide Connoisseurs Jewellery Cleaner for an extensive cleaning session, made for Gold, Diamonds, Platinum and Precious Stones.

We have partnered up with Connoisseurs UK, the world’s leading jewellery care brand to offer our customers the best prices on some of their best cleaning items. We believe that these are the best products to look after your precious jewellery so much so that we also offer in-store cleaning sessions so our experts can demonstrate how best to use these products. Take a look on our socials and website.