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What is my Star Sign?

Are you new to astrology and horoscopes? Get the low down on what’s what in the zodiac world, from dates to symbols to traits. Like what you see? Shop our Zodiac charms here, making the perfect gift for someone special.


The Zodiac year starts in March. There are 12 zodiac signs but they don’t match up with the 12 months. Each zodiac has their own traits, strengths and weaknesses. These are decided by analysing the projection of the positions of the planets, sun and moon on your day of birth. Sounds very complicated doesn’t it? Let’s just go through some basics shall we.  



The first zodiac sign is Aries starting on March 21stand ending on April 19th. The Aries’ symbol is the Ram due to their tenacious ability to climb to the top of any mountain no matter the circumstances. They’re main traits are honesty and spontaneity; Aries say things how they see it. They’re competitive and everything’s a challenge and everyone’s competition.



Starting on the 20thof April and finishing a month later on the 20thof May. The Taurus’ symbol is their bull which represents their resilience and stubbornness. They’re main traits are that they are calm, they can be fierce but also gentle. Money is very important to Taureans, they enjoy the security that money provides to them.



The Gemini star sign starts on May 21stand ends on June 20th. The symbol for Gemini is The Twins due to their duality. A Gemini’s main trait are their youthfulness, responsiveness and their charm. They like to talk and have a unique way with words.



Starting on June 21 and ending on July 22. The symbol for Cancer is the Crab as a result of their guarded nature. A cancer’s main trait is their loyalty, they are very loving characters and will protect people close to them. They are ruled by the moon so their moods can change quite dramatically, they have big hearts but can be controlling if they feel insecure.


Leo’s star sign starts on July 23rduntil August 22nd. A lion represents the Leo’s because of their noble and regal personalities. Leos are natural leaders and automatically want to protect those who they deem vulnerable. Leos are great to be around, they are exciting, confident and love to perform.



The Virgo star sign starts on August 23 and ends on September 22. Their symbol is the virgin due to their pure, modest and conscientious nature. Virgo’s are team players, are always kind. They have a strong sense of judgement and obtain skills to benefit the world.



The symbol of the Libra are the scales, the Libra star sign starts on September 23 and ends on October 22. Libra’s are all about balance hence the scales, they are determined to keep everything fair. A couple Libra’s traits are being diplomatic, smart and gracious.



Starting on the 23rdof October and ending November 21st. The symbol for Scorpio is not surprisingly a Scorpion. This is down to their dangerous and secretive nature. They can show both strength and weakness, can be stone cold but also passionate. They are extremely loyal and are quick to protect. Being frightfully ambitious they usually get what they want.


The Sagittarius star sign starts on November 22ndand ends on December 21st. Their symbol is The Archer which represents their love for the outdoors and their natural nature to aim high. Some of a Sagittarius’ traits are independence, honesty (if a little bit brutal) and are always willing to help others whenever they can.



Starting on December the 22ndand finishing on January 19th. The Capricorn symbol is the Goat as they are always climbing and are determined to rise up. Capricorns are patient, reserved and persistent. They also value status through materialistic objects.



Aquarius starts on January 20thuntil February 18th. Their symbol is the Water-Bearer, water represents truth with the Aquarians being able to deliver this freely to the world. Aquarians like to dissect information that comes their way. Their traits include innovative, assertive but also shy.



The last zodiac sign is Pisces, this sign starts on February 19thand ends on March 20th. Two fishes represent Pisces because of their conflicting desires and different emotions. Pisces are the dreamers of the Zodiac. Their main traits include empathy, impressionable, they can get overwhelmed with these feelings.

So that is all twelve Zodiac signs. Does yours match your personality? Does this explain why you feel the way you do sometimes? However, you feel about Zodiacs and horoscopes, whether you believe in them or just like the look of the charms, you can enjoy wearing them. Shop the full range of charms here.