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Where is the best place to sell jewellery?

No matter the reason, deciding to sell your jewellery is a big decision, so it's important to know that you're selling it through a reputable service, and getting the best price possible. Whether you want to sell diamond jewellery, branded jewellery or gold jewellery, you'll find that there are a lot of options available. In this article, we'll discuss the most important considerations to make when selling jewellery, and provide some suggestions for the best place to sell jewellery.

Things to Look for When Selling Jewellery

The Company Is Reputable

Make sure the company you're selling your jewellery to has a long history, and a strong online presence. If a company tries not to disclose much about their history then it might be better to look elsewhere. A long history proves that the company has been offering an excellent service over many years. Also make sure to check their reviews on Trustpilot to see if other people have had a positive experience with them. There are a lot of options to sell jewellery online, so it's worth doing your research.

The Process is Simple

The last thing you want is to take up a lot of time going back and forth trying to arrange for the sale of your jewellery. You need to be able to submit the details of the jewellery, get a fast quote, post the items, and then receive your payment quickly. This is one of the main benefits of going to a company rather than selling through an auction - it's a fast and simple process to get quick cash for jewellery.

A Competitive Price

If you're selling your jewellery, the most important thing is getting a good price! The person making you an offer will take a lot of things into account, including brand, quality, and re-sale value, to make sure you get a competitive quote. However, if you're not happy with the offer, don't be afraid to negotiate!

The Buyer is a Jewellery Expert

In order to provide an accurate offer, the buyer has to be a jewellery expert. They need to know about diamonds, brands, and the history of the items, as well as an understanding of the jewellery industry as a whole. If they don't, they won't be able to give you a fair and competitive offer for your jewellery.

The Best Place to Sell Jewellery

Foxhills Jewellers

Foxhills Jewellers is Britain's oldest jewellers, with 310 years of experience in the industry, so you can be certain that you're selling to a reputable source. All you have to do is fill out the form, then we'll give you an offer with 24 hours. If you're happy with it, then send the items to us, and we'll send you the money as soon as we've received it. If you're in the Bristol area, you can also come and visit us in our Thornbury store, and we can provide you with an offer that way. We have a team of jewellery experts who will analyse all the information you provide to us, and get back to you with a competitive quote.

If you'd like to get your no-obligation offer, then click the link below and fill out the form!

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The concept of pawnbrokers has been around for centuries, but in 2020 they certainly don't represent the best option if you're looking to sell jewellery. They will offer incredibly low prices that you would never want to accept, and they often get you with high additional fees that you're not initially made aware of. They're also not jewellery experts, so you can't be certain that their valuation is a fair and accurate one.


Ebay allows you to quickly and easily list your items, but there are a lot of downsides. Firstly, there's no guarantee that it'll sell, you might be waiting weeks or months before you even get a bid. Ebay also makes their money from taking a percentage of the fee that the customer pays, so you end up earning less than what the winning bid actually was. You're also more susceptible to scams if you go with Ebay.