Jewellery Valuation Bristol

In an ever-changing world, it is important to ensure that your most precious possessions are accurately insured, just in case the worst ever happened.

At Foxhill's Jewellers, we work very closely with Leona Fish part of the National Association of Jewellers.

Leona will carefully examine your watches and jewellery, recording all of the pertinent information relating to your items, along with taking digital photographs. Once completed, you will receive a quality bound valuation schedule providing you with a detailed description and accurate valuation of your items. Leona will also advise you on any repairs you may want to consider, to maintain your items in top condition.

So, whether you are thinking of selling your jewellery or want to ensure that you have it correctly insured, Leona and the team at Foxhill's will be delighted to assist you.

To find out more about our valuation service, please contact us on 01454 538373, or fill in the form below.